Momo originated from a passion for carpets. According to Momo, beautiful design does not always have to be expensive. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for timeless, modern, classic or trendy. Momo makes luxury accessible and affordable.

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Without a good design you are nowhere. To achieve the best design, we work with Dutch and international designers. They are aware of the market and are inspired by travel, fashion and nature – this is clearly reflected in the various collections.

To bring the design to life, we work with fantastic craftsmen who have mastered techniques such as tufting, weaving and knotting. Our international partners – from countries where rugs originally come from – are therefore indispensable. For the manufacturing of  these carpets, only natural yarns are used, such as wool, cotton, linen, jute and silk.


The carefully crafted Momo collections offer endless options in rugs in terms of shape and design. Almost every consumer demand can be met with this catalog. The custom-made service also contributes to this; If the consumer wants something off the beaten path, this can also be made.

Knowledge & Golden service

The founders of Momo have no less than forty years of experience in the field of carpets. They acquired expertise worldwide and as a national precursor in the field of carpets makes Momo a solid brand that knows how to tailor collections to various market segments in terms of price level and style.

Momo and it’s design team work together intensively and look for solutions for every space. By offering tailor-made solutions in the areas of sales, logistics and products, a high service level can be met.

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